Benefits of Working at Zaman University

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Zaman University takes great pride in recruiting and developing outstanding individuals who share our vision to build one of the best universities in Cambodia. Additionally, Zaman University is committed to providing a high standard of university education in this wonderful country. We are justifiably proud of the great employess benefits that we offer:

Competitive Salary

Zaman University aims to recruit qualified staff to achieve high standard. Accordingly, we offer competitive salaries among Cambodian universities.

Salary Tax

Zaman University pays your tax to the Government of Cambodia and there will not be any deduction in your salary regarding tax.

Cambodian Visa

Zaman University will apply for a visa for you and bear all of the visa expenses.

Health and Life Insurance

Zaman University offers a Standard Health Insurance package from Forte Insurance to protect your health and welfare.


Take advantage of Zaman's exceptional tuition benefits. You, your spouse/partner, and your children can receive a 20% discount both from Zaman University and Zaman International School (Kindergarten - Grade 12).

Complimentary Lunch

Zaman University serves complimentary lunch daily for all staff. You may choose one of the following options:

  1. Fixed lunch package prepared by Zaman Company. (local taste)
  2. Lunch prepared by Zaman Company. (A mixture of Indian and European taste)

Paid Leave

Zaman University provides around one month vacation leave per academic year. This allows you to relax, take vacations, attend to personal affairs, spend time with family—whatever your personal needs may be. Paid time off includes: vacation, short-term and long-term disability, and all public holidays.

Additionally, you may be granted medical leave on full pay according to the period in a medical certificate.

Family-Friendly Programs

Zaman University organizes trips, parties and programs that you can enjoy together with your family.

Professional and Personal Development

Zaman University offers an array of resources to help you advance yourself personally and professionally. In addition to our generous tuition benefit, we offer a variety of resources to support you in learning new skills and advancing your career.

University Resources

As a member of the Zaman community, you have access to a wide range of university resources as well as cultural and recreational activities.

*Benefits may change according to the contract between applicant and Zaman University.